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Zer Netmouse
January 7th, 2011
08:33 pm


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update (vague stressing, but sleeping better at least)
Last night I had one of those dreams that reflects anxiety about getting things done on time - you know, where you're back in school, but you're late or you've missed something crucial? In this case, I was missing my graduation and so they wouldn't give me my diploma. Ig.

I woke up wondering what I was stressing about. Things on my docket right now: take care of the kiddo, sleep train the kiddo (and thus ourselves), get back in a habit of pumping enough milk to allow for babysitting, process photos from the last year, write the next episode of our TAFF report (the first part was just published in Argentus), run Art Program and Art Night for Renovation (registration rate increase and deadline to register in order to nominate for the Hugos are coming up, plus we really need to get out program invites to artists and art directors, so this one is very much weighing on my mind), found a Latin American Fan Fund, support Brian, and recover the house from the holidays.

I have been sick since a couple days before Christmas, so that has impinged on my ability to do anything, especially combined with the interrupted sleep I posted about a while ago. We went down to Cincinnati for New Years and actually Rosie slept great there, starting each night with a 4 or 5-hour block, so we think the difference may be a) better napping (she slept almost the whole way down, in the car), and b) quieter/more consistent soundscape - this apartment complex is pretty noisy at random hours. So we've turned up her white noise generator... and are using The No-Cry Sleep Solution book as a guide to further efforts to help train her to settle herself back to sleep. Brian has not been pushing as much in the past week, though he did have to get thesis revisions to his committee today (he did the majority of the revisions before New Year's), so he's been able to take the 9 pm - 1 am shift and let me sleep a solid block of time each night this week, which is huge.

We've also done pretty well on napping, the past few days, and I'm starting to feel significantly better, health-wise, so yesterday and today I've also gotten on top of some overdue items for the kiddo - getting out to buy her socks (she outgrew the ones she'd had about a month ago though onesies with feet (which we call footsies) make that not such a big deal) and getting to the Social Security office to apply for a number for her (turns out they'd received her application from the hospital and assigned her a number, but we didn't receive the card, so we applied for a replacement). Plus I did some laundry...

This weekend we're planning to clean the apartment, get our mini tree and decos put away, and maybe grab a matinee or some afternoon board gaming. But for the next 10-20 days most evening socializing is off the board as we try to settle into a completely regular schedule and figure out what Rosie needs, sleep-wise.

And speaking of sleeping, she's asleep and I'm not so I'd best remedy that...

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Date:January 8th, 2011 07:26 am (UTC)
Isn't it funny how fast they get SS numbers now? I remember applying for one when I got my first bank account. And, in fact, my brother's number is only a few numbers different than mine...he has a lower number, go figure.
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