Anne (netmouse) wrote,

MidFanzine 5 (conrunning) 'zine published

I got MidFanzine 5 finished just in time to distribute some copies at Windycon and U-Con, then posted to efanzines and the midfan website a week later, and I sent out email to the midfan list, smofs, and some other faneditors about it, but I just realized I had not yet announced its publication on the MidFan community here, nor mentioned it in this journal.

If you are curious, you can get a pdf here.

Comment are most welcome (and encouraged, even).

I have not yet gotten all the convention updates listed in the convention calendar in the 'zine updated into the google Midwest Science Fiction Convention Calendar, but I'll try to get that updated soon. Lloyd Penney has sent me a LOC with a list of upcoming Toronto area events as well, which I will also add and have posted to the midfan community so people can get the benefit of the list now.
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