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Hands are for bringing things to the mouth...

Originally uploaded by netmouse.

Rosalind is 3 months old as of Thursday! This last couple of weeks has been very exciting, developmentally. Mom and dad gave us this O-ball on the occasion of Brian's birthday and she has been using it to improve her reaching and grasping skills.

So we have celebrated both the first time she's picked something up to put it in her mouth, and the first time she's picked something up and thrown it out of her chair and onto the floor! Such a fun game. ;)

She has also rolled herself over from her stomach to her back a couple times, and up from her back onto her side. Only a little while longer for being able to put her down with the expectation that she'll stay there!

A couple days ago, in fact, I set her on the bed propped up against a firm pillow while I folded clothes, and watched her first notice a stuffed animal off to her right, then leeean right until she maneuvered off the pillow, then reach out and take hold of it by one leg, and get it in her mouth. I was a proud momma that day, I tell you. Definitely goal-based action that was not related to milk-drinking...

Here are a few more pictures from the last couple weeks.


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