Anne (netmouse) wrote,

The state of the me

Cuticles: shot to hell (side effect of changing diapers, washing hands a lot, and generally handling the kiddo and receiving blankets)

Nipples: a little sore, but better than yesterday. This kid loves to comfort suck. I try to keep her productive (swallowing), but she only follows orders some of the time. ;)

Hydration: decent (I think I drank 6 or 7 litres of water yesterday, but the key for me is eating enough, especially protein, and getting my electrolyte water)

Amount of sleep: significantly more since Brian got home at 6 than in the rest of the day. Still working on sleeping when the baby sleeps.

Episodes watched of Avatar: The Last Airbender: 25 (appreciating the Netflix instant watch feature)

Number of open wounds: 1 -- my C-section wound opened about 1 cm in an area left of center in my incision last Friday to let out some drainage that wasn't being absorbed due to a low-level infection (I'm on antibiotics). This is a good thing, in terms of overall healing process progressing, but it's annoying and disruptive, because there's this tunnel of space inside that we're packing with gauze tape to absorb the discharge from the wound, plus gauze pads on the outside, and we're changing that dressing twice a day (with help and training from the U of M visiting nurses program). Brian's being stupendous about doing this. Thankfully they gave me this neat tube of burn netting to wear over the gauze pads to hold them on instead of having to change a taped-on dressing 2X a day (ouch! that would suck!).

How I smell: like Fenugreek (vaguely like maple syrup). This is weird, but it seems to be helping boost my milk supply so that's good.

Gratitude for people who've brought over food or helped around the house: Huge!

We are discovering we are needing different types of support now that Brian's going back to work half days and trying to get back into thesis writing. And every day the baby's schedule and needs change... :)
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