Anne (netmouse) wrote,

3 Years; 2 Weeks

The Gray family, 28Aug2010
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

Three years ago, on August 31st, a couple of our friends brought this guy Brian Gray along to a performance of Monkey Rampant, a sketch comedy group I was part of. After the show Brian joined them and some other folks in coming back to my house to hang out. We were almost instantly intrigued and excited about each other in that indescribable way that means that something significant may be starting. Something certainly was.

Two weeks ago (very early in the am) on August 18th, our daughter Rosalind Jane Gray was born by C-section at Mott Children's Hospital, not far from where I myself was born at the Old St. Joe's hospital almost 36 years ago. She's amazing. It's amazing to find ourselves a family, something we'd hoped for and talked about pretty much since we met three years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Brian, my love. Happy two weeks of life, Rosie. I am so very, very, lucky to have both of you and I love you very much.

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