Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Quiet Days: Reading, Organizing, Carpentry, Laundry

Shades of Milk and Honey looking comfy in the reading corner I was unfortunately not feeling the best yesterday so I didn't make it to Construct-a-Con. What I did instead was very pleasantly diverting, however. To distract myself from how I was feeling (tired and achy, with a jumpy stomach, all possibly related to the recent onset of really mild practice contractions), I read Mary Robinette Kowal's novel Shades of Milk and Honey.

It was a complete delight.

Mary has a deft touch with words, and I was happily transported to this alternate 19th century era wherein folding light and ether into pretty illusions of sound and vision is considered a womanly art. I started the book around 7:30 in the morning and finished it early in the afternoon. Brian commented on that, pointing out that he'd never seen me just sit and read a book before.

This isn't the first time, but I'll admit, it is rare for me to give myself space and time to just sink into a book. When I do, it is usually to soak up a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience and this was no exception. My only disappointment with the book was that I felt it wrapped up rather too swiftly at the end, and especially left me wondering the final disposition of a couple characters with whom it had treated in only the most fond and friendly manner throughout.

Otherwise for the day I wrote some notes and letters, observed Dad and Brian fixing some furniture (with only minor heckling from me), got out for about half an hour of errands and a nice dinner with Brian and our friend Chris, and watched the remainder of a movie called "Outsourced", which was fairly light and pleasant as well.

This morning I was feeling only a little better, so I took a long nap, sorted through a box of baby clothes a friend from high school sent us, and did laundry most of the day. Brian and I also rearranged furniture and redistributed books from boxes and shelves to a large bookshelf that he and Dad fetched from Storage yesterday. For a brief time (since almost all of our books are in storage), we actually have more shelf space than books in the apartment! It's quite a rare sort of circumstance for us.

Brian has been working on his part of the TAFF report and thus got inspired to bake something we'd eaten in the UK called Sticky Ginger Fingers. Little gingery bars, they are, and very tasty.

We are slowly getting closer to clearing out the pile of boxes in the living room, which is very exciting. To that purpose, if anyone around here would like a book of Crossword Puzzles, please let us know; we have a surfeit of them at the moment, including a duplicate of a huge collection through which Brian is currently working his way.

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