Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Supporting strong democratic candidates

Just got a nice encouraging letter from Howard Dean and the Democracy for America folks about some strong candidates poised to take over Republican districts in November -- Minnesota's Tarryl Clark and California's Beth Krom.

I like hearing about the democrats fielding strong candidates, especially to oppose right-wing nutjobs, and even better when they're women.

Anne -

When we started Democracy for America immediately after my run for President in 2004, one of our founding principles was to work for Democratic votes in every district in every state. As Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, we called it the 50 State Strategy and I made it my mission to fully fund it and deliver results.

The strategy worked in 2006 and 2008. And it works in 2010. No district is safe for Republicans if Democrats stand up for what we believe, fight for our universal values, and ask every American for their vote.

So today, we're announcing our joint endorsement of two strong Democratic women who are working to win in tough Republican-held districts -- Minnesota's Tarryl Clark and California's Beth Krom.

Join me and support two progressive women working for change -- contribute $10 to each right now.

Tarryl Clark is running against a congresswoman who needs no introduction -- Republican Michele Bachmann.

Bachmann has become a leader of the far right for her outrageous statements. Calling global warming a "hoax," she said people needed to be "armed and dangerous" in their fight against energy reform. She spread some of the worst lies about healthcare reform including "death panels" and insisting it's a "government takeover."

She's even called for the investigation of members of Congress she considered "anti-American."

Rep. Michele Bachmann is preying on people's fears for her own political gain. Join me in supporting Democrat Tarryl Clark, a woman who will fight to create jobs in Minnesota and restore civility to our political discourse nationwide.

Contribute now to elect a progressive leader in Minnesota.

You already know Beth Krom -- She's the 2010 DFA Grassroots All-Star.

Beth is running against another friend of the far right -- John Campbell. A so-called "birther," Campbell doesn't believe President Obama was born in the United States and [thinks he] isn't eligible to be President.

This is the same sort of garbage that right-wing politicians across the country have been spewing ever since Barack Obama won the White House.

John Campbell's district is becoming more Democratic every year, making this Republican district a prime target we can win -- and Beth Krom is the woman to win it. As mayor, Beth made Irvine the safest, greenest big city in the country. She's a fighter and when she's in Washington she'll work to bring good jobs to the district. And I promise, she won't waste a minute wondering if President Obama was actually born here.

Contribute now to elect a real progressive in California.

In 2006, conventional wisdom said we were crazy to support Jon Tester and Jim Webb in Republican-held seats in Montana and Virginia. It was wrong and we won. In 2008, conventional wisdom said Alan Grayson couldn't win in Florida and Barack Obama couldn't win Indiana. It was wrong and we won.

Now, conventional wisdom says that Democrats are going to lose in November -- everywhere. It's wrong and we're going to prove it wrong again. Join me and elect two progressive Democrats in Republican-held districts.

When we work together, we're unstoppable. Thank you, Anne, for everything you do.


Gov. Howard Dean, M.D.
Founder, Democracy for America

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