Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So. Yesterday, we moved.

Some people had the impression we moved last week, but that was moving a bunch of my stuff out of storage and only a fraction of our stuff from the apartment where we've been living with three friends since March. (Where Brian has been living since January, and where I moved March 16, and we'd been living in together since returning from the TAFF trip, natch).

Sunday we rented a truck and moved the rest of our stuff out of the apartment and over to the new one. Friends Chris, Victor, Lucy, and Matt joined Brian in doing most of the Carting. Roommate Alison and I did some last-minute sorting and checking over whether or not we'd gotten all the stuff, I finished cleaning the bathroom that had been just Brian's and mine, and we were off!

The move-in went impressively quickly, and after we fed the crew with pizza and salad, most left, Chris and Brian went to return the truck, take stuff back to storage in Dave's van, return that, and get Brian's car, and me? I unpacked the refrigerables and then crashed for a nap. Later in the evening, Brian and I hit the grocery store for minor supplies, and unpacked enough stuff to get the kitchen and bathroom operable.

I had been up until 1:30 am Saturday night packing (after a nap from 9 to 11), then got up at 6 and kept packing. This morning when I woke up my main thought was that my hands really really hurt. My feet hurt, too, but my hands, especially. Packing and unpacking is a lot of work for swollen hands.

So I mostly took today off and rested. Did 4 loads of laundry and unpacked a couple more boxes, went and got my hair cut and did a couple other errands, but mostly rested. Then in the evening I went and swam in the pool for half an hour while Brian hit the fitness center. That was really nice. Very calm blue sky above with tufts of clouds, slow-moving. I can float on my back quite easily right now.

And now it must be just about time for sleep, because the baby is really active and moving about. :P

I have a return appointment with the Docs at U of M tomorrow about the gestational diabetes and whether or not I need to go on medication. It was hard to keep to schedule and regimen yesterday, but today's glucose numbers were all 94-97. It was nice to have a quiet non-stressful day.

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