Anne (netmouse) wrote,


Monday went even better than expected.

logangrey came and helped Dad and Brian and me sort through the stuff in storage and we found *almost* everything on my list - lacking only the power cord for my boom box - and loaded everything we wanted to take to the new place successfully into dad's minivan and Dave's parents' van, which he has loaned us for the week. Then we had a nice lunch at Red Robin across the street.

Brian and I took the van over to the new apartment at Woodchase and chilled for a couple hours in the afternoon folding laundry and napping (on the floor), then converged with our friends Dan and Leora, who live nearby, for dinner. After dinner Dan went with us to Woodchase to meet other people to unload the vehicles. As hoped for, the temperature had cooled considerably, and our crew of 6 (my friend Sam Copi, rmeidaking, tb_doc_smith, Brian, Dad, and the afore-mentioned Dan --plus me! but I can't carry much) got everything unloaded and the guest bed put together in, like, 20 minutes! After which they said "now what?" and were impressively eager to do more work! We sent dad home and the rest of us took the van over to the old apartment and loaded it full of boxes, a bookshelf, some smaller shelves, and a few chairs, (and, very significantly, put my set of 20/15/10 lb freeweights in my car), then took it back over to Woodchase and unloaded everything (including the weights).

This made it doubly awesome, btw, that Roxanne had come over Friday to help me pack a bunch of stuff, thus enabling the move of the bookshelf, smaller (DVD) shelves, and many boxes.

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped. We feel much better prepped for our actual move-out on Sunday, plus the new apartment now has comfy chairs and a bed so when I go over to do things I can nap! And not on the floor!

Today Brian's friend Erika came over and helped me pack a few things at the old apartment, then went to the new place with me to clean hand-me-down baby things while I puttered around with stuff that had been moved in. And when her family (which had dropped her off and gone to the Henry Ford Museum) returned and got her, I then took a nap! On a bed! Before going home to have dinner with Brian!

You all rock.

Seriously. Wow.

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