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Update on moving plans - Zer Netmouse — LiveJournal
July 3rd, 2010
06:56 am


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Update on moving plans
So... current plan:

  • 11 am paint a couple of walls in new place (1st coat)
    (in between we need to go shop for a couch)
  • 7 pm paint second coat

    Fourth of July! Relax and maybe sort stuff at the old apartment

  • 10 am sort out Storage unit, throw a few things in van
  • 8 pm unload stuff from van into new apartment

    During the week: Pack and sort things at the old apartment (every time we go over to the new place, we take a few things. Our games are mostly already over there. :) )

    Sunday, July 11
  • probably our major move date, possibly plus Saturday evening if that would really work better for people.

    Monday the 5th is supposed to be hot and muggy, so our plan is to go over to our nice climate-controlled storage unit in the morning (~10 am) and re-organize it in order to pull out/forward stuff we'll want/need in the next year, like our other bed, a bookshelf, a couple tables, some baby stuff, and a couple boxes that got lost in the move but are in there somewhere. At that point we'll likely put some things in a van and/or minivan, but we won't try to schlep them over to the new place and carry them in during the heat of the day.

    Then our plan is to have lunch and catch a movie, take a nap, go swimming, or something like that. In the evening after it cools down, if people are available to help, we'll unload stuff into the new apartment.

    The major move out of our old apartment will then likely be the following weekend. In between it's supposed to rain and cool off, and the humidity will fall, so that's good. If you're available Saturday the 10th, btw, let us know. I excluded it from the poll because we have a class from noon to 5, but we could do something in the evening if that works better for some people than Sunday.

    Help with all of these stages is welcome. I can't lift much right now, and I'm hoping not to completely exhaust Brian. There are also other little things I could use help with, like cleaning the baby things a coworker gave me in Ohio. Roxanne came over for a couple hours yesterday with boxes and helped pack, and that was a huge help.

    My phone number is 734-649-4534 and my email is akg.netmouse at gmail, so let me know.

    It feels weird, asking for lots of help, and people are warning me we'll need even more help in the first few weeks once the baby comes! crazy. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
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    Date:July 3rd, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
    You won't *necessarily* need a lot of help post-baby, particularly since you don't already have another child needing things from you. (So long as you can come to terms with letting the baby cry for five minutes so you can fix yourself a sandwich and hit the bathroom, at any rate. And this is a thing you will ultimately have to come to terms with, if you value your sanity.)

    Frankly, I found I much preferred it when people left us alone to sort ourselves out. Much less strenuous for me to nurse and doze and change the odd diaper than having to deal with answering the phone/door/making polite conversation/juggling others' schedules/etc., etc.
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    Date:July 8th, 2010 12:10 am (UTC)
    Yeah, it definitely seems like a trade-off. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.
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