Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So, specifically, for instance

Someone could help out by running through the following page edit histories, clicking on the IP addresses of the spambots to see their user contributions, then checking the pages they've attacked to see if I've already fixed them or if they still have spam on them. (some pages will have always been spam and need to be created because a favorite trick of spambots is to follow empty links and create articles. In a crazy way this is good because it pushes me to write articles...). Then let me know what pages are still vandalized - comment here if you pick one (or more) to do so people don't duplicate effort.

  • Talk: Site Support History
  • History of changes to article on Farah Mendelsohn
  • History of Talk:Bridget McKenna
  • History of Category:Del Rey Books editors
  • History of Category Talk:Del Rey Books editors
  • History of Category talk:Magazine editors
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