Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Darn it, Citibank...

Dear Citibank;

There is a reason why I have been using my Citibank Dividend card as my primary credit card for years, and that was the definition of the Dividend program, which offered 1% cash back on most purchases and 2% (originally 3%) on gas or groceries. I tried having a Discover card, but having to sign up and keep track of promotional programs on a quarterly basis was really annoying and I clearly earned the cash back at a much slower rate than with my Citibank card, and they would only send cash back checks in particularly valued chunks, so I quit using the Discover card. I also have a Bank of America Worldperks card, which has a points system, but I have never liked those either. In fact, just two days ago I was on the phone with a Bank of America rep to activate a new card after changing to my married name and was asked what card I primarily use and why. The reason I gave was your Dividend program. Two days ago I was your loyal customer.

Today I got a letter from you explaining how that's about to change. Apparently you're believing Discover's claims of having the highest customer loyalty. I can only guess that because you're trashing your dividend program and adopting a program more like theirs. I'm sure if I bother to enroll in your special promotions on a regular basis and shop through your website I will earn even more cash back than I once did with your former dividend program. However, I'm not going to do that. I already had the opportunity to be the hamster pushing on that reward bar and it sucked.

I'm not going to throw away my Citibank card. But I am going to learn more about this Worldperks program. I already know it has better travel coverage and purchase assurance. It may well switch to being my primary card.

It think it's really sad that you're changing the Citibank Dividend card to being a Discover card wanna-be. Really, really sad. I'm disappointed in you.


PS I also noted that when I registered for their online account management website, citicards doe not give you the option to opt out of promotional advertising email. Doubleplusgood, citibank.
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