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I offer myself in partnership...

Anne speaking to Brian

I have posted a few of my favorite wedding pictures of just the two of us from Brian's and my cameras to flickr. I will do a more comprehensive set once I have photos from at least one more camera and time to select my favorites.
Brian speaking to Anne

We were married by the river at Furstenburg Park in Ann Arbor, attended by about 20 of our closest friends and some of my family. It was a really happy day, and the weather cooperated pretty well, providing cloud cover for most the ceremony, with the sun coming out right afterward. This was perfect, since once the sun came out the spot where we were standing got really hot very fast.

We tried a number of outfits out for me and picked this sari, partly because I will be able to wear it later when no longer pregnant, and also it matched Brian's vest, which is one of our favorite colors. Green is the color of spring and new life, and when I read somewhere that it is the traditional color for the bride to wear in Iran, I liked that thought very much. Also, with this particular sari and the way it hung, the baby got to have her own big flower right in the middle of my belly. :)


We wrote our own vows, and had a potluck picnic dinner afterward, with stories and comments told by many of those attending (and two songs of their own choosing sung for us by friends!). It was exactly the sort of very personal wedding event that we wanted.

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted congratulatory notes on livejournal, on twitter, on facebook, and by email. We feel very loved. Today is mostly a quiet rest and recovery day, but I have also been having fun looking through the photos and wanted to share a few. :)
Us being cute


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