Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Recovery going well

Thanks for all the caring notes about my slipping on the stairs friday. I'm feeling substantially better. Rolling over in bed mostly doesn't hurt anymore, though standing up from sitting in a chair still sucks most of the time. A light bruise is now visible in between the small of my back and my bottom, on the right side, which makes sense. My left palm managed to catch some of the fall (it's not scraped, but it was red at the time) so I'm not surprised if my right tail otherwise took the brunt of it.

Saturday night we went out to see a tigers game anyway, and I was fairly comfortable until the ride home afterward. We brought a pillow for me to sit on and the new Comerica Park stadium has chairs with arms instead of bleachers, so it was decently comfy. I had to have people help me stand up when I wanted to go get snacks, etc., but Dad and Brian were on either side of me and willing. :)
It was a little frustrating when everyone stood up to see an exciting play - most of the time I decided it wasn't worth the pain and effort and stayed sitting even though I couldn't see. But Brian's friend Chris had splurged on front row seats on the left side for us (about 30 ft out past 3rd base), so people standing really only blocked my view on plays near third or home base. .. Which was what people tend to stand up for, but oh well. The seats were great and I had a great time anyway. :)

Other than that, Saturday was mostly reading and icing and napping, plus dinner in Mexican Town at Xochimilco with dad before the game. Sunday was also a pretty lazy day. Brian and I slept in, had a late breakfast, then I iced and napped a little, then we had lunch and worked on our upcoming wedding ceremony details, and then took another nap and iced my back again and then had dinner and talked things over some more. It was a nice dinner - ran out to Middle Kingdom to satisfy a craving I had for rice noodles, and took the food as carry-out to Gallup park.

We've been so busy with other things we hadn't really had time to work on the wedding ceremony since December, so it was really good to take a day to think and talk about it. My sister will be coming to town later this week and I'll no doubt get running around in preparations despite its being a small gathering, so it's extra nice to have had a restful weekend, even if it was partially occasioned by injury.

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