Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Shifting to new email address - seeking contact info

Brian and I are exchanging vows on Saturday and I will be changing gmail accounts, from akgmurphy to akg.netmouse (My name is also changing, from Anne KG Murphy to Anne K Gray (and I will be using Anne Gray without the initial K professionally though AKG will be my full initials).

Instead of importing all of my contacts from the old gmail account, which includes many outdated email addresses and multiple entries for the same people, I am manually inputting only the most current contact info I have for people.

At this time I would also like to invite you-all to send me updated contact info (including, if you like, address and phone number) so I can be sure I'm setting my address book to your preferred address. If we have corresponded sometime in the past 4 months, this is probably not necessary, but in any case, if your info or preferences have changed, or if you're not sure I have your contact info, please let me know.

Comments on Livejournal are screened so you can also post comments here. If you are on Facebook, please send me a message instead unless you want that info to be public...

Thanks very much!
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