Anne (netmouse) wrote,

zer_netmouse tweets of the day

  • 12:37 "Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend." E. Gilbert, #eatpraylove #
  • 22:29 Tigers are 6 to 6 with the Red Sox at the bottom of the 9th at the baby's first baseball game! #
  • 22:41 @catvalente congrats on getting the Norton! #
  • 22:41 Bottom of the 10th... Still tied at 6. #
  • 22:48 1out, Boesch is on second... #
  • 22:50 2 out, laird comes to bat. #
  • 22:54 Laird has a mighty swing, but he didn't quite get it off the field and it was caught. Inning 11, here we come. #
  • 23:01 Two red sox on base. Strike em out zumaya! #
  • 23:02 Yes! One down, two to go. #
  • 23:04 And a double play takes two out, very prettily! Tigers come to bat. #
  • 23:05 C'mon boys. One run is all you need #tigers #
  • 23:09 Santiago makes 1st with 4 balls. C'mon Everette. #
  • 23:11 1st bunt fails and goes foul, second gets Everett out but brings Santiago to 2nd. #
  • 23:13 Jackson has 3 balls and two strikes... #
  • 23:15 He gets the bat on it but is out at first. Damon to bat with 2 out. Santiago still on 2nd. #
  • 23:18 Damon strikes out and #tigers fail to score for the 3rd inning in a row. #
  • 23:22 Damon redeems himself somewhat by catching the first hit of the 12th. #
  • 23:24 Next Sox batter is thrown out at first. #
  • 23:25 As is the 3rd! Three up, three down! That's the way we like it, #tigers! #
  • 23:26 @davehogg well i missed the first half, but you're welcome to quote me or crib from my coverage of overtime. :) #
  • 23:29 Ordonez gets a single but Cabrera pops it up and gets caught out. Boesch at bat. #
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