Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Sliding down stairs

Had a bit of a scare yesterday morning - my feet went out from under me on mom and dad's staircase as I went down them and I fell on my butt/back and slid down four or five stairs before coming to a stop. This caused enough noise (although I did not cry out) that mom and dad both came running out of rooms at the top of the stairs to see if I was ok, and I had to reassure them I was all right before I could fully reassure myself of same. The baby moved almost immediately, so I told them that and told them we were all right. *Then* I cried, shaken but relieved.

I knew those stairs were dangerous. The treads are too narrow, and the steep stairs are carpeted with a deep plush carpeting that makes the edges really curvy and easy to slip off of. I was tired, and thirsty, and not thinking about the stairs as I headed down to the main floor to get myself something to drink. This is not the house I grew up in; they moved there after I moved away. I am not really accustomed to the stairs.

After I did get something to drink and sat for a bit, and went to the bathroom to make sure there was no bleeding, and sat some more and felt the baby move again, I followed my mom's advice and called the midwives to let them know about the minor fall and find out if there was anything in particular I should watch for. Cramping, bleeding, contractions, was the list. No sign of those, and the baby is moving normally. I'm at almost 24 weeks. I should be fine. The baby should be fine. Only real risk is of a tear in the placenta. I'll see them in 2 weeks anyway, so we'll talk about that then.

I felt much better when I got off the phone. Then I tried to stand up. Boy, did my butt hurt. And it got worse throughout the day.

It's a combination of the tailbone being sore and the muscles that connect the butt to the back. I've figured out it's easier to stand if I can lean/rock forward onto my feet instead of trying to lift myself. But it definitely hurts. When I got home later and positioned myself on the bed to ice my back, Brian could tell it was a lot of pain, for me, and said so. I'm usually pretty stoic in the face of pain, but here I was, whimpering and crying out as I tried to move, sniffling and trying not to cry. I hate being in that state in front of another person, frankly; it increases my distress. But Brian is great of course and helped me lie on my side instead with the ice pack strapped on to my back, which was more comfortable.

So some pain killer and a couple rounds of icing, and I was able to go out for a nice dinner of indian food, and this morning it feels some better, but I'm about to go ice it some more.

I'm really glad it wasn't worse, that the baby and I are essentially ok so far as we can tell.

But man, my butt hurts.
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