Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Nice to have a Sunny Day for Mother's Day


Bouquet from Brian
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

Brian decided to go ahead and get me flowers for mother's day, a tradition of which I approve. :) We stopped in Harriet Chin's shop next to the Farmer's Market for him to pick out a bouquet, and it was nice to see Harriet and have her exclaim over my belly and such. :) She also pointed out that the Koreans count birthdays from the date of conception, which supports the notion of celebrating Motherhood during pregnancy as well.

I realize I haven't posted any pictures since the TAFF trip in which you can see the belly and all that, so here you go:

Me, yesterday

I'm feeling pretty good, although the pregnancy nap is pretty assertive each morning, and I do tend to wake up in the middle of the night with soreness in my legs. My other mother's day present was a full body pillow that we got yesterday, though, so that might help with that.

This afternoon we'll go over to mom's and maybe do some gardening, which is sort of a family mother's day tradition. But right now I'm enjoying the lazy sunny morning, knowing that next year it will likely be a *little* bit harder to sleep in and take time off. :)


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