Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Want to sell stuff at Treasure Mart?

I have decided that since my Chafing dish is not selling through Craig's list and I am not fond of how Ebay charges you money even if the things don't sell, I am going to take the chafing dish and some Waterford goblets we're hoping to sell down to Treasure Mart.

Now, last I knew, if you want to sell stuff at Treasure Mart you pay them $15 to become a seller for a year, so this is my notice to the rest of you that I'm doing that (assuming when I get down there, it works more or less as I recall). Now, if YOU have anything you'd like to sell on consignment through Treasure Mart, I'd be happy to take it down there for you to sell (through me).

[Treasure Mart is an Ann Arbor resale shop that sells antiques, dishes and other household items, furniture, rugs, jewelry, etc.]
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