Anne (netmouse) wrote,

There's this Robin in the back yard, standing at the end of a single row of mowed grass, looking this way and that.

When I left for Spain, I asked my husband not to save the lawn mowing for me. He would try, he said. When we got home from the Grinnell Reunion, the lawn fairies had mowed the front yard. Specifically, my dad the lawn fairy, using the neighbor's power mower. My little push mower does not do well with long grass.

So today I got only so far. It breaks my heart to mow over buttercups. They bring back memories of Aimee McDonald's mom's back yard over on second street. Aimee and I collected buttercups along with other flowers and tried to make perfume with the flower petals and stale water. Somehow stale water was supposed to be the key. The buttercups grew lush and wild in Penny's back yard, and with them my imagination.

So I have not finished mowing the back yard today.

But I did water the plants, and give the fish a snack. I did get a message sent to Ruth to hopefully make it into today's community High school Forum announcements about the reunion schedule. I did call Illy's about Tires and do the billing and run a load of Darks and drop off our clothes at the dry cleaners from back when we went to my Cousin Mark's wedding one week before leaving for Spain.

And in the mail arrived more paper, more than 2/3rds of which I put in the recycle bin. I wrote back to the Dali Llama, "please take me off your mailing list" - it seems like a shame, but I'm really not going to send him any money. I also called Old Navy -good of them, to put an 800-number on the front of the mailer with a note that says to choose option 5 to be taken off their mailing list.

I am reading The Telling, By Ursula K. Le Guin. It's quite good. Walking back from the post office reading it I found myself walking and navigating in an unconscious way that brought me smoothly to my house - and this is how I always used to be, walking and reading, and it felt like an old friend had returned to me, to find I had been doing that effortlessly once more.

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