Anne (netmouse) wrote,

My Odyssey Program schedule

x-posted from the TAFF 2010 community, here's what I'm doing on the Eastercon program:

Saturday 1pm Connaught
Comic Songs: Exploring the Genre
Comic songs come in many styles: from Gilbert and Sullivan to Mitch Benn, through filk, folk and cabaret. Our panel take a relaxed look at who these songs are written for, how they have changed over time and what makes them funny.

Saturday 4pm 18 (Aintree)
Write a Doctor Who Song
Let our experts help you write a Doctor Who song to the tune of your choice. You bring the ideas, they'll help you write the song.

Saturday 9:30 pm Royal C+D (Edwd/Vic)
Auction - League of Fan Funds
Raising money for TAFF, GUFF and other fannish causes. Come along and see what's for sale.

Sunday 8pm 41 (Winchester)
Stainless Steel Rats and Rogues - Why Do We Love Them?
From Robin Hood to Han Solo, via Slippery Jim diGriz and countless others, we will always have a place in our hearts for the lovable rogue. Why are characters with a code of honour but a complete disrespect for the law so enchanting?

Monday 6pm 12 (Tetworth)
Alien Invasions - How Would They Attack? How Do We Defend?
Suppose the aliens really did invade... What would be the most effective way for them to attack? What could Earth practically do to defend itself? What can we do in advance to make Earth more secure?
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