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"Stand and Deliver" teacher Jaime Escalante needs your help!

I enjoyed reading this interview with Hijinks Ensue creator Joel Watson about the Edward James Olmos T-Shirt that mocks the Twilight "Edward" shirts, but I was particularly interested to note toward the end that Edward James Olmos is currently campaigning on behalf of Jaime Escalante, the teacher who inspired Olmos' role in the amazing film Stand and Deliver.

Escalante has cancer, and his family has exhausted their funds to treat him. I know these are tough times, but if you can, please consider donating a little something. Here's the donation form.

Here's Escalante himself speaking about being a teacher.

And the call for support from Olmos:
An Appeal to the Friends of Jaime Escalante

Anyone who has seen “Stand and Deliver” knows how much Jaime Escalante (Kimo) has done for this country. The love and dedication he gave to his inner city students, and his unfailing conviction that every one of them was “gifted,” brought out talent that had been untapped – and unseen – by other teachers.

The genius that he awakened in the “unteach­able” commanded the attention of the entire world. It caused countless educators to reconsider what their students might really be capable of if, like Kimo, they could awaken the “ganas” (desire) in them.

Jaime didn’t just teach math. Like all great teachers, he changed lives. Gang members became aerospace engineers. Kids who had spent their youth convinced their lives didn’t matter discovered they were leaders.

Now, Kimo needs our help. He is seriously ill, and the treatment he needs has depleted all the funds his family can raise. They did not want to ask for help, but we took it upon ourselves to get the word out to all the country and around the world, to make his final days as comfortable as possible – and maybe even give him a chance to beat the cancer that has afflicted him.

I have been moved to tears to hear of the circumstances of this great man and am calling for a last National Understanding of his selfless contributions to “making a difference in this world.”

Together, we have a chance to make a real difference in his life. I could not bear to think that we would do any less for one who has given so much for so long.

You have my deepest appreciation for any and all prayers and help that you can give.

Edward James Olmos

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