Anne (netmouse) wrote,

This has been a very relaxing weekend, which is just what I needed.

Friday I also got to the Gym with Mary for the first time in ages, so long I felt just a little surprised that my gym pass was right there in my gym bag where I always keep it. I tried to focus on my two injuries - my left knee, on which I have not been keeping up the exercises taught to me by the physical therapist, and my right shoulder, which had been sore for two weeks due to some unusual activity at work - stringing lights and hanging ornaments all above my head.

I was pleased to find on Saturday that while my knee felt only marginally better, my shoulder was tremendously improved. I can now reach for things above shoulder level without pain. Hurrah!

Speaking of which, I should go do my knee exercises...

Other good things from the weekend were hanging out with Mary and Rhikei, talking to Blade on the phone, meeting another grinnellian named Prithi, and getting some good time in with Bill. I finally came up with a good sweetest day gift for him, which was a fruit liquor with an Elephant on the bottle called Amarula. I knew he had spent the day playing video games and honestly didn't expect anything sweetest day from him, but a while after I got home from work Saturday he surprised me with a bunch of bright pink roses. We had beef stroganof for dinner, and afterwards folks came over for chocolate cake and drinking Amarula and milk, and chatting, and it was great fun. Mary also did my astrological chart and bill's and my astrological compatibility chart, and that was fun too.

Today was quieter and not quite as "up" - the morning was good, but then we went shopping. Bill got a pot for his underwater plant, I got contact paper for the laundry room shelves and went shopping at the Dress Barn for slacks and other things that caught my eye. Bill obviously had less to shop for than I did and thought he could amuse himself at Circuit City at least as long as I could shop, but one round around the store plus trying on everything I'd picked up took an hour and a half and he arrived just before I checked out looking tired and bored.

The good part is that I got some pants and some other good things. And he got a fine pot for his plant. On the way home we stopped at the McDonalds on Stadium and sat in the big comfy couch, eating big macs and watching Figure Skating on TV. It felt a lot like being in a living room, and the sun coming in the window helped make it very relaxing. When we got home, Bill started back in on video games and I went upstairs to nap in the sun...

... I slept for at least three hours. That was a long nap. unfortunately by the end of all that, Bill had a migraine coming on. He's now resting. I just finished putting the contact paper on the laundry shelf and soon I'll try to go to bed. Hopefully the long nap doesn't mess with my sleep schedule too much.

I wonder how the clubfusion parties went at ConClave.

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