Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Brain, energy, slowly coming back

Along with my appetite. yay!

Still have a headache, which is a noted side effect of the anti-nausea meds so it could be that, or it could be too much lying around and holding myself stiffly so as not to get dizzy. Still have some slight vertigo, but am at a level where going up the stairs is an adventure - but possible! - while getting in and out of bed is no longer scary. Still feeling not ready to try driving, however, but that may be a moot point anyway since my car is buried in snow.

It has been very weird being ill and unable to read. Spent significant days practicing the feline art of staring at something unmoving, like the wall. Am celebrating the return of reading tolerance yesterday by reading Kay Kenyon's The Seeds of Time, which is an epic science fiction novel. I am trying to figure out what makes it epic. I guess because it feels like a multi-phase quest where the members of the party have changed a number of times and their immediate goal has also.

Getting small productive clean-up tasks done around the house in between lie-downs. I have a new mouse, who is living in the stove. I hope I don't accidentally set it on fire while cooking one of these days, but otherwise I'm ignoring it for the moment.

life is... taking it slow at the moment, but ok.

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