Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So sad

a) I was away having an appendectomy while a post on here got linked to in metafilter and linkspammed! I followed the comments with interest from the hospital and will post a summary of some of the most interesting points added to the sexual harassment at cons topic later.

b) I was *so* enjoying the latest book I was reading until it had an ultra ninja hacker system admin wail something about why anyone ever made HTML case-sensitive. Note to Walter Jon Williams: I was willing to forgive your apparent mixing up of Cleveland with Cincinnati, but this strikes closer to home for me. HTML is NOT case-sensitive! Any web programmer worth their salt knows that. XHTML is case sensitive but the base set of HTML never was. Your ninja-programmer person went COMPLETELY out of character and it could have been right if you'd only included an X. I sigh. I mean, I finished the book anyway, and it was pretty good. But that was annoyingly wrong.

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