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Nice trip to Baltimore - Zer Netmouse
January 22nd, 2010
07:56 am


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Nice trip to Baltimore
Just got back from a work trip to Baltimore. We mostly accomplished our work objectives, and I also got to have dinner with a couple of good friends. Tuesday night freitagkitty and I went out for a bite to eat near my hotel and got caught up on life. Wednesday night _earthshine_ and I went into town for dinner and satisfied a craving I had for greek food.

I wanted to mention the restaurant in particular because they took very good care of us as we lingered over dinner and chatted and the food was excellent, but the restaurant was almost empty. It was The Acropolis, which is on Eastern Ave in greektown. The Mousaka was particularly good, and so were the dolmades. This is a place that deserves more custom on a wednesday night.

Thursday I flew back into Columbus and met blue_lucy for dinner at J'Liu in Dublin. That was also excellent, and topped off nicely by tasting at Jeni's ice creams across the street.

It's easy for me to get sick of going out to eat when I travel, but good company and good friends help a lot.

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