Anne (netmouse) wrote,

nice weekend

I enjoyed this weekend...

Saturday I remembered to wear Blue so I didn't feel so awkward in front of all the U of M fans who streamed through the shop (Michigan Vs Notre Dame Home Game). We had a pretty good day at work. I drove my car there so I could get back ahead of the concom meeting at 5:30 and even so, Matt Arnold arrived before me. We talked about Programming and I finished clearing the living room table. Other people arrived and the meeting went until about 7.

I thought the meeting went well, and was particularly glad that the dance committee came. I think "The Queer DJ for the Straight Fan" sounds like a nice title for a theme, and it's generally fun to tie in to current culture that way.

Bill brought us Pizza after the meeting, and that was good, and a fair number of people stuck around and eventually other people showed up for the party. I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while, like Drew, Tim, Susan Harris, Hope, and Robyn and Sonja. Eventually a group of us split off into the Den to play Apples to Apples, and that was fun. Later as the party dwindled Hope expressed an interest in some slightly more passive entertainment, so we shuffled through the tapes and came up with Laura's copy of a show by Eddie Izzard - the UK's premier comedian, by some accounts.

I found it much more fun to watch the show in a group and others seemed to enjoy it lots as well.

The next day Bill cooked a big breakfast for us and Jeff, who'd stayed over - eggs and toast and sausages and oatmeal. He and I both cleaned up from the party and soon were caught up in vaccuuming and dusting even more, with the radical idea of getting the house cleaner for ourselves... This is part of why I have parties, to push us to clear out junk that's been lying around, and I'm pleased to have the house in nicer order now.

I went over to Eric and Tammy's to help paint for a bit, then came home to a really lovely dinner of potatos (done surprisingly well by the pre-set sensor function in our brand-new microwave!), salad, and pork ribs that had been slow-cooked all day. The ribs were perfect - the meat falling off the bones in some cases, really tender. That kind of dish takes pre-planning and someone to be home all day with the oven on, but really terrifically little work for how good it is.

After dinner we called Bill's mom and had a nice chat, then walked to the cheap theater to see Bend it Like Beckham. Great movie! lots of fun. Walked back home in the soft rain, had a good talk as we arrived home that got into my childhood and helped me try to unload some thoughts I've never much expressed.

It was a good weekend!

(if only I didn't have this headache... maybe I'll stay off chocolate for the rest of the week)

Hope everyone has a good week!

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