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Last day

Hi again.

I guess I haven´t posted for a couple days. I´ve been checking other peoples posts, though. I apreciate the comments on the lladró idea. I think I´m goin to set that one aside and let it percolate in my head for a bit (like a couple years).

So let´s seee... Monday we went to see the Sagrada Familia, the Hospital San Cruz and San Paol, and Park Guel. In the evening we hooked up with a group of oung Canadians plus a girl from Melbourne, Cobie, and a guy from Dublin, and went looking for god tapas bars but ended up at a bit of a lame one and then we were looking for a jazz place but couldn´t find that either and ending up staying up until 3 just hanging around the hostel, mostly. There´s this vending machin stocked with Dammm Beer so the Candians and the irish bloke were going all out and later they were joined by some other ausie gents and it got a bit loud and I think that was when I retired to the computer room to check email and read my comics. Took a shower before bed so I woke up in the morning with curly hair, still damp. That was nice - I pulled it back from my face with a barrette and it looked nice in a sort of gypsy way all day yesterday.

Late Monday night we were talking about going to Figueres in the morning to see the Dali exibit but for all the talk about meeting at 9 even Sarah wasn´t ready to go until 10 and the irish fellow who was going to join us was just waking up at that point. I had been up since 7, I was ready to go.

Some short discussion determined that Sarah and I both thought it was too late in the day already to try the dali (takes 1.5 hours to get to figueres) and anyway what we really felt like was shopping. So we did that up until lunchtime (1:40) and found a lovely place with outdoor tables on the plaza by the Cathedral and ordered the menu of the day which is the cheap but filling way to go and as Sarah said, we finally did lunch right! There were musicians going the round of the restaruants, so it was like this shifting musical act thing going on. They would play a couple songs, then go around collecting Money. we think they probably make a good bit of cash that way. The shopping was pretty successful too. I found some neat little shirts and skirts and we found some nice scarf-shawl things for me and mom and Martha schmidt. Sarah also finally got a camera to take slides with.

after lunch I was very sleepy so we headed back to the hostel and I took a nap and Sarah took a brief nap and then went out to shoot some of her slide film. She said she´d be back by 6 but it was 6:30 or so when she returned. Still, that gave us just over an hour before the Picasso Museum closed, so we went over there and had just about the perfect amount of time before they closed to take in the whole permanent collection. I got two posters for Gary and Ann and one for jenny and one for Sarah But the one I wanted to get for myself was sold out. We´ll go back today.

At the picasso museum we hooked up with this guy Daniel from San Diego, who walked with us as we headed toward Cortes Ingles. I say toward because we didn´t get there. we stopped at this comics shop and I wanted to go through their whole Manera collection so Sarah asked about taking daniel over to look at the cathedral real quick and said she´d meet me back there. This was a bad plan because there was no place to sit there and everything in the shop almost was wrapped in plastic so there was really nothing to do there after I´d spent ten minutes picking out what to buy and then stood around for another five. I´d really though Sarah was going to be back before that so I went to look for them, just around the corner to the cathedral square, which turned out to be a mistake because they were going in a circle and coming back from a completely different direction. I went back to the comic shop and they hadn´t been there so I left a message with the owner to please tell my sister that I would be waiting at the cathedral and he said he would but pointed out they were closing in 15 minutes. I went back to the square and thought about getting something to eat ´cause I was really hungry and in the meantime I was getting really worried about Sarah and I must´ve been at a sugar low because I started crying and thinking about how she didn´t speak spanish and had just gone off with this strange guy to get something to eat and he could have slipped a mickey in her drink or something.

I sat down on the dathedral steps and talked to a nice man who was sitting there. (he looked nice, which is why I sat next to him). He turned out to be an actor who dubs films in spanish. (almost all american films are dubbed over before being shown in Spain). He asked how old Sarah was and did she know where we were staying and reassured me she was alive and such and I calmed down a lot. It was getting to be when the comic shop closed, so I headed back there and just down the street from it was Sarah, who of course greeted me with an exasperated gesture and a "where have you been?". They had been gone longer than expected and had just check at the hostel for me (it was only about a block away) and she had asked at the comic shop but I guess the guy who´d been there when I was there wasn´t who she´d asked and she didn´t think to ask the fellow she talked to if he´d been around ten minutes previously.

It was 9 and I hadn´t eaten since lunch, so obviously I was in a sugar low. Sarah was carrying a half loaf of bread when we met back up and she kept asking me if I wanted some and I kept saying no and finally I explained that I didn´t like that kind of bread much at the best of times, and I didn´t want to eat it when i was low.

All´s well that ends well, I guess. We went back to the hostel to drop off things we´d bought lately and Sarah and Marios teased me into a slightly better mood and then Sarah and Dan and I went to dinner at this chinese restaurant nearby and the food was very good and familiar and settling and I also drank half a bottle of wine and I felt much better, believe me. And the waitress was very nice and gave Sarah and I each a bracelet as gifts. Mine is light blue tiger´s eye, which is actually something I was thinking of buying the other day so I was quite pleased.

back to the hostel to meet up with the dance crew and the whole Canadian/Aussie party crowd announced they weren´t leaving until midnight so Sarah and Tanya and I headed out on our own before then and we were really quite glad ´cause later we found out that crowd was so scattered they came back after never having found a place to dance. (Daniel headed off to the train station so he couldn´t join us for dancing)

We on the other hand, found a very fun place to dance. Right near the Aquarium down by the warf there was this string of bars and we found a really good one and had a lot of fun dancing together, the three of us. Water was 4 euros, though (like $4), which was awful. Not good to go out clubbing in a country where water isn´t free.

A guy dancing with Sarah asked if we would join him at this salsa place two doors down, so we went in there but I found it dark and unpleasant and small and heck, I don´t know how to salsa, so I went outside to cool off for a bit. I sat on the wall (which is very benchlike) across from the bar and in fairly little time these two older indian fellows who were selling roses came to sit with me. One drunk guy came by who wanted to buy me a rose and I know the seller would have been pleased, but the drunk fellow seemed very unpleasant so I said no thank you and he walked off cursing, which was just charming.

the seller then gave me a rose and wanted a kiss so I gave him a kiss on the cheek and then turned down further advances, explaining that I had a husband, though honestly this guy was old enough to be my dad so I was a little surprised that he was making advances in the first place. oh well. Sarah came out to join us and a security fellow came by to make sure we were all right, which was nice. It turned out the salsa place was a complete bust. We headed out and I was regaled with Tanya and Sarah´s tales of these guys with hard-ons pressing their crotches against them while dancing so I figured I had the more pleasant experience sitting outside.

We wandered a bit until we found a cab and we were hoping for a chocolateria like you might find in Madrid but the cab driver doubted one would be open, so we headed back to the hostel. That was about 2 in the morning. Fun evening!

So today is our last day here. we need to get another piece of luggage so Sarah can carry all the stuff she´s bought and we need to go back to the picasso place - they thought they´d have more of my poster I wanted. here we have to check out but we can rent the locker another day and maybe we´ll try to get another one too. I think our overnight train for Madrid leaves around 10. So some shopping and hopefully we´ll go check out Mont Juic too and in not too much time this trip wll be over. n the mddle it felt very e`xpanded but now the last four days have gone by very quickly.

I hope all our pictures come out.

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