Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Brian and Anne for TAFF!

We are fast approaching the deadline of December 22 to vote for TAFF!

Short version: Go get a ballot and vote! For us, even!

Long version:

The trans-atlantic fan fund sends fans one way or the other across the ocean each year, to either a major event in North America or to one in the UK. This year's TAFF delegate(s) will go to Eastercon in London. See for more info.

I have never been on a visit to London. Neither has Brian. We would very much like to go meet fellow fen there, and would probably extend our trip to Scotland, Ireland, and Germany, as well as other destinations in England.

TAFF, like other fan funds, is supported by donations. Any sf fan who wishes to vote is requested to send along at least a small donation to the fund with your vote. Other than that, any fan can vote (if you don't think the TAFF administrators will recognize your name, you are asked to name a well-known fan who knows you and can vouch for your fannishness. This is to keep us from passing out ballots on the street corner, but is not intended to discourage fen from voting. If you do this, you have to name someone other than ourselves or any of the people who nominated us for TAFF). The voting deadline is December 22.

The TAFF ballot is available online at You can print it and send it with a check to vote. Or, if you want to vote online, you can; there are directions at the bottom of the ballot. It involves sending a paypal donation (please add extra to cover paypal fees) to one of the administrators ( e.g. Chris Garcia at garcia [at] with all your voting info in the paypal comment. If Brian and I get chosen we'll make sure there's a full online voting form in future years.

We are committed to going to Eastercon if selected, and to administering the fan fund diligently (raising money for it and running the selection process) for two years, as well as of course producing a trip report. As to other destinations we might take on our trip, we're not quite sure, but they would definitely include Edinburgh, Scotland. I've an old school chum there I haven't seen in too many years, plus Charlie Stross offered to give us a tour! Can't beat that with a stick. Here is our platform from the ballot:

Brian Gray & Anne KG Murphy
He's a microbiologist. She's an engineer. Together they run cons, playtest games, sing and dance, concoct gustatory delights, write zines and blogs, perform sketch comedy, and generally have a good time doing anything from reading sf to chopping wood. (We didn't say they aren't weird. Oh YES, they're weird.) They promise to use their powers only for good, and not run scientific experiments upon unsuspecting international fandom... however tempting that might be. But as trained observers, they look forward to documenting cultural differences across the Atlantic divide in a trip report. An eeeeeevil trip report. With photographic evidence. And tissue samples...

Nominated by: John Scalzi, Steven H Silver, Geri Sullivan (North America), Paul Cornell, Cheryl Morgan (Europe)

You can also see more about us, and our friendly competition (Frank and Brianna Spacekat Wu), at Chris Garcia's fanzine The Drink Tank, issue 231.

flinx and I thank you for your support.

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