Anne (netmouse) wrote,

2002 was a very busy year

I finished my thesis, went to Spain, had my first college reunion, graduated, hosted a summer solstice party, ran my high school reunion, and celebrated our first Anniversary. That was only two months out of the year.

Last night I started copying things out of our calendar into a text file to capture them, thinking I'd throw the calendar away. not sure if I'll do that, but it was interesting to go back through things. It;s clear that 2003 has been much less busy, at least in terms of big events. Some things I did in 2002 are barely reflected, like the fact that I was copyeditor for ConJose most of the year. Other things I didn't really copy, like my chiropractor visits. Anyway, if you're curious...

Dates to remember from 2002

January 13 -Anne- 2pm Baby Jake party at Karen and Jody's in Cambridge, ON (Jake is Mary and 's son)
(Though I did not note the dates on the calendar, I was in Waterloo, Ontario the first two weeks of this month)
January 21 CHS Reunion planning meeting, 8 pm
January 30 Kimberly Gay is 14.

February 2 -ConFusion Debriefing 6-8, followed by party at Kathy's house.
February 3 -Aunt Adeline's B-day. Bill and I took her out to lunch
February 9 - Grandma Gay's Birthday
February 12 Lainie Gay is 12, it's the Chinese New Year (horse) and Mardi Gras Day
Though I did not write it on the calendar, I know we hosted a Chinese New Year party
February 16 - Anne , Talk to Sarah, 10 am
February 20 - 26 Dan Stashuk away on a trip
February 25 CHS Reunion planning meeting 8 pm
February 27 Dad (59)
February 28 - Abstract due for AAEM meeting

March 1 - 3 Us to Chicago
March 4 Home Run Guy due in to work on plumbing at noon.
March 9 CH reunion Database meeting 3 pm
March 9 Serge Van der Voo's band concert at Kerrytown Concert House, 7:30 pm
March 10 SFOHA meeting 2 pm
March 15 Open Text Movie Night at Jonathon's

April 1 Anne- 2:30 talk to Dan Stashuk
April 2 Anne - 2:30 talk to Dan
April 2 5:30 meet with Tammy (A out to dinner)
April 3 A- 7 pm AASFA meeting
April 5 Open Text Movie night at our house - Clerks, Mall Rats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
April 13-14 Visit Nancy in Chicago
April 15 ConJose PR 4 Deadline
April 16 - Water Meter replacement, 10 am- 12 noon
April 16 - 18 Anne to Canada
April 19 - A, 5pm with Betty E.
April 20 - Andrea's Baby Shower in NY (we did not attend)
April 22 A - Dr. Reza

May 5 Michigan Theatre Volunteers party 12 noon (Anne helped run party)
May 9 -Anne, Neighborhood watch training 6:3-8:30 pm
May 10 Sarah's in town. Anne and Sarah go shopping for clothes for Anne
May 11 - Matt and Robin Welch wedding at 4:30.
May 13 - Anne to Waterloo, Ontario
May 15 - Anne Turns her thesis in (final draft).
May 16 Anne comes home to Michigan
May 17 Anne and Bill to Chicago
May 18 Breakfast with Laura Hewitt, Bill, Laura's Dad, Sarah, Emily Stuckey. Laura Graduates (Bill attends). Sarah and Anne depart for Spain.
May 19 Anne and Sarah arrive in Madrid
May 30 Sarah and Anne return to Chicago
May 30 Bill drives to Chicago.
May 31 - June 2 Anne and Bill to Grinnell for our class reunion.

June 7 Lunch with Tammy
June 7 Eric's B-Day Dinner at Real Seafood Co.
June 12 A - help with mailing for Lynn Rivers for Congress campaign
June 14 we all go to Canada, staying at a Bed and Breakfast
June 15 Anne's Convocation for a Master's degree - Masters of Applied Science in Systems Design Engineering.
June 15 Ann and Gary throw party for Anne. We give them prints from Spain, framed with help from dad and Jade, Roxy and Amy.
June 16 We go to Stratford to see All's Well That Ends Well with mom and Dad (Father's Day), go home.
June 21 -Summer Solstice Party, Our House. Sarah in town for the weekend
June 22 -Community High's 30th year reunion, organized by Anne and Committee. Picnic for lunch, time at the school in the evening. Anne plays spades with Jenny, Jeremy, and Ronald
Cory visiting for the weekend, goes home Sunday (morning)
June 23 our 1st wedding Anniversary. :)
Brunch party over at mom and dad's. Anne and Bill, mom, Sarah, and Martha Schmidt in attendance.
June 24 Anne - first soccer game in years.
June 24 - 28 Anne goes to visit Laura and Catherine, takes Catherine to six flags for a day.
June 29-30 Contraption
June 30 Becky Winkler marries Binod 4 pm cobblestone farm. We both attend, get to hang out with Winklers and Lovetts and Downeys.

July 1 -Anne, H&R Block
July 5 Vanessa over for lunch
July 6 BBQ at Tim Abla's - bring swimsuit
July 8 - Anne hurt her left knee - gave way while stretching before a soccer game.
July 10 Ribs dinner w/mom and dad
July 14 SFOHA meeting 2 pm
July 16-17 Hutzel, Drain disconnect
July 19 Stadium Flooring to fix tile in basement following Hutzel's work
July 19 Bill- Carbon Release Party
July 20 - Grinnell potluck picnic
July 21 -Cory in town, Cory and Bill go to Wrestling.
July 23 AASFA Meeting, 6 pm
July 26-August 3 Ken and Liz MacGregor staying with us
July 27 ConFusion concom get together
July 29 pick up fishtank and stuff @ Brian's

August 2 Joe Conat and Aimee's Wedding
August 3 barbecue at our house for Joe and Aimee and Gang.
August 6 Primary Election - Anne and mom walk the beat for Lynn Rivers for the Primary Election
August 17 ConFusion Concom meeting
August 21 Anne- to see Dr. Brenner about L. Knee
August 23 to California, 9:15 am flight
August 23 stay with cousin Katie Warren and Family
August 24-25 visit Aunt Pam in Coronado. Ric and Mary came down Sunday for lunch
August 25-26 visit Ric and Mary
August 26 - August 29 Camping up the California Coast. Big Sur.
August 29 -september 2 ConJose

September 2-3 Camping
September 4-8 mix of camping and visiting with Tim Motika in San Francisco
September 8 visit with cousin Jane
September 9-11 camping down the California Coast. Saw Hearst Castle.
September 11-15 Staying with Aunt PJ in Fallbrook, CA
(September 12 went up to LA to visit Joe and Aimee. Made guacamole)
September 15 stay with Katie Warren again - wonderfull dinner out with Katie and Husband.
September 16 Return from California
September 17 Closing on Mortgage Refinance, 9 am
September 19 Anne - first Appointment with Dr. Borden re: Left knee possible ACL tear.
September 20-22 - to Chicago for Midwest Construction 1
September 24 Anne and Bill to Dentist for Teeth Cleaning
September 28 ConFusion Concom meeting
September 29 Anne - MRI on Left Knee

October 5 Tami and Eric's wedding. We flew to Minneapolis for the weekend, bought Bill's first juggling beanbags and Anne's stuffed Stitch at the Mall of America
October 11-12 Anne attended AAEM in Toronto and presented two posters on her Thesis work.
October 13 - 1 pm SFOHA 3 pm STilyagi Book Discussion
October 14 Anne had an appointment to see Dr. Borden about her Knee
October 16 - A to Chiropractor
October 26 Britain Woodman's wedding (we did not attend)

November 1 - Bill to Chicago (line suggests he was there until November 8. not sure)
November 2 -AASFA Costume party at WRAP house, voting for GOHs for ConFusion 2004
November 13 Give Blood, 6 pm
November 15 Anne had lunch with Grandma Gay and on returning went to Diamond BUllet and had a nice long talk with Tom Brinck
November 16 12-2 Concom meeting
November 17 SFOHA 2 pm Book Discussion 4 pm
November 20 Anne takes Sandra and her mom to Treasure Mart, 2 pm
November 26 -Anne-PAP
November 27 Cooking party at Mom and Dad's
November 28 Thanksgiving at the Fletchers
November 29-Dec 1 - went to Chicago for thanksgiving there.

December 11 Hope Dundas came over for Tea with Anne
December 12 Anne starts Physical Therapy on her L. Knee at Sports Net
December 14 10 AM ConFusion programming meeting
December 15 - Anne, Job Luck Club 5:30
December 21 to 25, to Chicago for Chicago Christmas.
December 25 back to Michigan
December 16 Christmas at Grandma Gay's
December 31 Anne went to Scott and Sue's New Year's eve party (Bill stayed home). Anne and Eric McGluon were the only two really dressed up. There was wine and cheese tasting.

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