Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Happy Birthday to me!

I got up this morning and had a lovely birthday breakfast with my fiance and my roommate. Bri and Kate both had nice cards and prezzies for me and I also opened a couple of books from dear family friends Martha and Heinz (Who've been making sure I have something to open on my birthday for over 15 years! Wow!)

I really appreciate all the people who have been sending me happy birthday wishes, and as a bonus I found the headphones for my iPhone, which I had been sorely missing. Awesomesauce!

I'm off to my company's holiday party tonight and then tomorrow Brian and I are heading north with a stop in to the Scalzi compound and then off to a night of debauchery with a few friends in Michigan. Sunday night I'm having dinner with my folks and a couple more friends, the Monday I'm having lunch with Martha (mentioned above!) and heading back home for a relatively quiet week of NO TRAVEL FOR AT LEAST 10 days!!

It's a good day.
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