Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Frank Wu just posted about the TAFF auction at Philcon, which reminded me I should post about TAFF items that are being auctioned at Windycon this weekend!

There are items that will be entered in the Art & charity auction at Windycon to raise money for TAFF, including:

  • a signed copy of the Cloud Mages trilogy by S. L. Farrell, (also hardcover 1st editions, I believe)
  • a tuckerization by Mike Resnick (This is where you get YOUR NAME in one of his stories!
  • a signed CD or so from Tom Smith.

    Other donations are welcome. Frank was going to send me some things but he says he plum forgot.

    Many thanks to Steve Silver for putting me in touch with the Art Auction people for getting this in place.
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