Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I swear I wrote a journal entry Monday or Tuesday or both

As far as I can see the last journal entry successfully posted from me was friday. I guess that explains why no one responded to my entry this week. It was just a little chirruppy thing talking about more progress cleaning the house and how Bill cleaned my tub, and a bit about helping Bill learn to unicycle.

Livejournal has been annoying this week about not keeping me logged in. I go to post a comment and it complains that I didn't put my username in there, something I never had to do before because I was always logged in. Not sure what changed. I have set my options to never log out a dozen times.

yesterday I woke up very early and very depressed. I don't really like my job. It's not awful, I guess, but it's a waste of my time and I just tolerate it all day. Last night while I was walking around with Bill as he tried not to fall off the unicycle (using my shoulder or hand for balance) he complimented me on my patience, and I thought, this is my major skill at work. I patiently wait out the day.

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