Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Done with MidFanzine 4 (on to Wellspring)

I have just posted the 4th issue of MidFanzine on the web. It features an awesome cover by Kurt Erichsen, an illo by Frank Wu, plus articles by myself, Jer Lance, Jesse the K, Val Grimm, and Laura Hamel. Many thanks to Kim Kofmel and Gary Farber for proofing. (and thanks to the two others who offered - we were covered, but I may tap you for the next one!)

MidFanzine 4 has articles on U-Con's registration process, accessibility, how to date and then deal with your hotel, running a bone marrow donor registration drive, and increasing the racial diversity of sf conventions. I welcome letters of comment to

Comments are also welcome here, of course. :)
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