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Since getting back from Boston I've been trying to unclutter the house and get it to a basic level of clean, spend more time with Bill, not stress so much.

Last night when I came home from work I had a message from Nicola's Books - the Ozy and Millie and Sluggy books I had ordered had come in. I was trying to do my part for independent publishing by ordering Plan Nine books through my local bookstore. Nicola's didn't charge me any surcharges, and I wanted Nicola to get a look at David Simpson's <a href=">Ozy and Millie</a>. She didn't get much of a look at them (I guess I should have waited longer to pick them up). But since I mentioned it while I was in there, she did crack one open and read a strip or two, and seemed amused. And she was impressed by how quickly Plan Nine sent them when ordered. After the stop at Nicola's, Bill and I went to the Park next to the Washtenaw Recreational center for a picnic dinner and a walk. Simple fare, just corned beef and swiss sandwiches, carrot sticks and potato chips, but it was all good. We did the walk and all the exercises, speeding up near the end to escape the mosquitos. When we got home I sat in front of the fishtank in the den to read. Bill disovered Cory Catfish eggs and separated some into a small breeding cube that floats in the tank. He went up to shower and then I went up to turn the computer off due to thunder. I laid down and read one of my new books until mom called to warn us about the tornado warning. The power browned low a few times, but didn't cut out. When the radio announcer said "take cover" we went downstairs for a few minutes, until he came back on to report the tornado warning was canceled. We exchanged back rubs, then went back upstairs. I took my shower, we went to bed. A nice low stress evening.

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