Anne (netmouse) wrote,


It has been an interesting day.

we headed out of the hostel today with almost no money.. something that didn´t bother me much but chafed at Sarah because she always seems to want a cafe (coffee) or helado (ice cream), or to buy things from the various craftspeople selling jewelry and such.

at first we intended to go to the picasso museum, which is very close to the hostel, but it had a line way down the block and only one ticket office, so we decided to leave it for later. ad sarah really wanted that cafe and we needed a bite to eat, so we headed for a place listed in one of the guide books, decided against it because it was empty, and grabbed a cafe and a couple of sandwiches at a nearby cafe. the jamon (ham) is really good here. I´m trying to think of a way to bring some back with us.

So we had an hour then before the museo historial de la ciutat was closing, so we went to see their special exposition about Gaudi, the architect and designer who is such a big deal here in Barcelona. that was actually really interesting, explaining some of the geometry involved in his designs, and how he thought about design and nature. We didn´t get to see the historical part of the museo though, and the exposition took 6 of our 14 euros. Outside the exposition Sarah got chatting with a man who was selling drawings and we bought a few with american money, traded approximately even for euros though he also threw in an extra drawing for free.

then we took a roudabout route to the park de la ciudad (ciutat is the catalán spelling). Two different people grabbed our attention to warn us to be careful with our purses. it seems thievery is common and I would suppose we looked obviously foreign, since we were both wearing traveling hats and sarah had on a skirt and white tennis shoes, which nobody seems to wear here.

Anyway, we had a pretty lovely time at the park. We took pictures of all the sculpture, sat by a little pond for a bit, snacked on the mix of raisins, almonds and hazel nuts that Arifa had sent with us, and Sarah got a coke. We had a bottle of water with us too. Some people were playing drums and a lot of people were selling stuff, including food. Sunday is a big day for going to the park in Spain.

we stopped back at the hostel because sarah wanted to change into pants and sandals and the we got caught up watching the second half of Zorro on the big screen TV -my fault I guess because I sat down - the couches there are the most comfortable place in the hostel. we got caught up in the movie which Sarah found to be much more ... realistic? I forget the word.. in spanish. I thought it sounded like Anotnio Banderas did his own spanish dubbing.

then we went to see the central Cathedral, and walked around looking at buildings and sculpture and street performers (including an opera singer and a couple dancing the Tango)
and now we´re back to change clothes and go out for dinner. The department store where we´d hoped to change travelers cheques was closed but it will be easy to find a restaurant that takes Visa. They typically take dinner around here at about 10 pm, so thus we have been waiting.

I´m kind of hungry. I hope we find someplace quickly. Tomorrow La Sagrada Familia and the park Gruell - a fantastic park designed by Gaudi.

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