Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Windycon + TAFF Auction!

I will be going to Windycon. In fact, I'm on staff as head of Program Ops. How and when I get there will depend in part on whether or not Brian is going. On the one hand, U*Con. On the other, steampunk goodness, the Foglios, and the chance to chat with Chris Garcia about what it's like to be a TAFF delegate.

He's torn.

But *I*, not being the stalwart gamer that Brian is, will be going to Windycon.

We (meaning Renovation) will be having a fan table there, so let me know if you'd like to help staff it. We (meaning ConFusion) *might* be throwing a party. Let me know if you'd like to help with *that*. We (meaning program ops) will most certainly be having a ball. You can find us in the green room. And we (meaning the TAFF candidates) are organizing a TAFF auction. Don't know when yet, but Frank is sending me nifty things care of Erik V. Olson, Brian and I are donating some things, and I've started soliciting donations from others.

I already have on offer a signed set of the Cloudmages trilogy by S.L. Farrell. (*bows to sleigh*).

I am also contemplating entertainment to draw people to the auction.

Um, Fred, I'm looking at *you*. ;)

Perhaps I'll sing "The Awful Truth" (anyone have a small bell?). Or the Chastity Belt song. I wish I knew someone to sing that with me as a duet. Doing all the voices is fun but the chorus does have a lovely harmony. or am I thinking of "A Fairy Story"? Just have to make sure I'm not up against Tom Smith. Hey, maybe I'll ask Tom to plug the gig, once I know when it is.

So come see me make a fool of myself. And auction off cool stuff.

Donations welcome!
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