Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Thursday already

Just about every time I look at my most recent post I think how I ought to post more often. Time really flies.
Um.. last night I spoke to a friend from Waterloo about seeing them on the way to or from (or maybe both) Torcon, and that sounds like it could happen, so that's cool. Hmm... Actually, maybe there's a way I could park at their place and take a train into the city. Or has someone else figured out cheap parking? I know there's a thread about it on smofs, but it's really long and I'd rather not slog through it.

I am having no luck finding stickers for the ConFusion party. suggestions on where to look are also welcome.

I had a nice long conversation with my friend Andrea last night. She reminded me she keeps a weblog. It's good to touch in with people from time to time.
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