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zer_netmouse tweets of the day

  • 22:27 Open Letters to non-disabled feminists: #
  • 12:29 @miss_mu did you get my email about running Bone marrow donor registry drives at cons? if anyone's done this I want to talk to them. #
  • 12:58 @neilhimself and I felt proud of myself for finally visiting the Clifton Gorge this weekend. Obviously there's a lot of Ohio left to see! #
  • 13:05 @miss_mu pacing yourself! I'm working on that too. :) Thanks for the links. #
  • 13:07 @valgrimm I'd like to print directions on how to bring a bone marrow registry drive to a convention in MidFanzine. pls help? #
  • 13:17 A chilly fall day. Perfect for butternut squash soup made by my sweetie. :) #
  • 13:26 @Stareagle @mactavish I don't know about minarets but I do use the lovely Islamic Center in Perrysburg as a landmark #
  • 14:44 @danguyf I know what you mean! #
  • 15:20 @Nnedi sounds like an important if dificult book. Thanks for writing it. #
  • 15:21 @Miss_mu thanks! btw, Val's on the bone marrow donation reg drive article. Yay! #
  • 15:23 Wow, these things really are significantly different than twizzlers. #
  • 18:02 @mactavish I do appreciate it when religious buildings are stunning but also wish we had more non-religious stunning buildings #
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