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Zer Netmouse
September 28th, 2009
10:54 am


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Fox News does Radio in addition to TV, did you know?

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Date:September 28th, 2009 09:31 pm (UTC)
According to Huffington Post,
Jane Velez-Mitchell, the HLN host who replaced Glenn Beck when he jumped ship for Fox News, is already topping Beck's ratings from when he held the time slot.

In its third full month on the air, "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" posted HLN's largest 7PM audience since it launched its primetime block in February 2005. For January 2009, "Issues" averaged 531,000 total viewers and 221,000 Adults 25-54, a 50% increase in total viewers and a 46% increase in the demo over Beck's January 2008 ratings.

Velez-Mitchell's January ratings also represent an 8% increase in total viewers and a 19% increase in the demo over Beck's last (and best) month on HLN. Beck's last full month on the air there was September 2008, when he averaged 492,000 total viewers and 185,000 in the demo. Velez-Mitchell took over the time slot on October 17.

Granted, Beck is drawing more eyeballs at Fox News, where he debuted earlier this month to 2.4 million total viewers and 467,000 in the demo. But Velez-Mitchell's success quiets any critics wondering whether HLN could recover after losing the popular conservative host to Fox News.

eek! 2.4 Million viewers! I mean, 467,000. That's... that's... less than 1% of the polutation of the United states.

But that's not fair. a quarter of the US population (27%) is under 20, so, let's see, 73% of 305 million people is 222.65 million people, and 2.4/222.65 is .... almost exactly 1%!

aha! So, 1 percent of the adult (over 20) population of the united states may have *watched* Glenn Beck on Fox News when he debued. From this you get that a third of the country agrees with him? despite the statts above that indicate this new person attracts more viewers on this other show than he did?

I do think we ignore the people who agree with Glenn Beck at our peril. Really, we need to engage with them and get them to understand they are wrong. Did you have any luck doing that at your family reunion?

I do believe reasonable people can be swayed by this sort of message, especially when it's endorsed by an authority like a news channell. That's why I'd rather not see it mistaken for news, or listed like that. It's fraudulent.
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