Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Fox News does Radio in addition to TV, did you know?

I just sent the following note to Airtran Airways:

This is a comment on your satelite radio offerings. On my recent flight to BWI I plugged in my headphones to your seat arm radio jack, hoping to hear music. Instead I heard hateful racist talk radio. Looking at the Jack, it indicated I was listening to Fox News Radio. But that wasn't news. Glenn Beck was on and they were acting all righteous that anyone was even asking the question as to whether or not his appallingly racist comments were actually racist. "Do we have to be having this conversation, in this day and age?" They asked. I certainly feel we do. This is not a post-race society, and their radio program was in no way news. In point of fact, I found it offensive, and I was very concerned how much it might have offended any black passengers or staff who might have turned it on. I changed the channell and listened to classical music the rest of the way, but I encourage you to drop the Fox News Radio program from your listing. I am very distrubed at the thought that Airtran Airways is helping provide a medium for them to dispense such offensive filth to more people.

Thank you for your consideration,


Their in-flight magazine was so nice and diverse, and two of the stewards were black. I would think they would be sensitive to this sort of thing. Apparently not.
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