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Zer Netmouse
September 27th, 2009
07:10 pm


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I got up this morning thinking I would make a lot of progress cleaning the house (the fleas are less of a problem, btw. The chosen solution involved sprinkling Borax around). I did get some cleaning and sorting done. Then I got distracted by something on wikipedia and ended up researching (and editing the articles on) Judith Jones, Alfred A. Knopf Publishing, Blanche Knopf, the National Order of the Southern Cross, Jean Batten, Castrol, and then finally back to finish creating the page for Judith Jones (with a few side trips to make sure names were appropriately linked, etc. that you can see here if you're curious).

So basically, I sat unmoving at my computer for 7 straight hours, forgoing lunch, working on wikipedia, until my bladder finally forced me to get up. When I got up and went down to make dinner I started shivering (it's warmer upstairs than downstairs) and only then realized I'd gotten chilled.

God help me, I need to find someone who will hire me to do this kind of work. If it can make me forget all bodily needs for 7 hours straight, obviously it's what I ought to be doing.

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