Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Fleas! Oh, Help!

I am the only mammal in my house. The house has fleas.

I am catching them and killing them as quickly as I can, when I see them on me, but I know they lay eggs, and I sense this solution will not be effective in my lifetime. I don't have carpets, just wood floors, but I have stacks and stacks of books and crap all around so I despair of doing a thorough cleaning.

These are probably fleas that came home with me from Chilicon, since the night we came home is the first time we noticed them. The internet tells me they are most like "cat fleas", since even a dog is more likely to have those than "dog fleas". The internet provides a lot of advice for getting rid of fleas on your pet.

I have no pets. Brian has long since gone back to Ann Arbor. It's just me and the fleas.

What must I do?
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