Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Want to get a print copy of Wellspring?

Plans are settling into place to publish my first fanzine in some years. Which will be MidFanzine #4, aimed at smoffs, coming out in mid-october...

Aaaand my SECOND fanzine in some years will be Wellspring, named in part after my new home of Yellow Springs. It will be a general fanzine. I already have a number of promises of articles, a con review of Construct under, um, construction, and some illos from Brad Foster. I'm excited.

I'm aiming for November.

If you'd like to receive a print copy, pls drop me a comment or email with your address. If you'd just like to be notified when I publish an issue and post it online, drop me your email or just a comment if I have your email. Notification will also be posted here.

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