Anne (netmouse) wrote,

mildly hurt

So we lost the softball game on Tusday and to add injury to insult, I hurt myself. I seem to have pulled something along the back of my right knee. The leg doesn't much like straightening. I figure maybe I overextended it from a dead stop while running bases, since I always lead off with that leg. It hurts along the back right at the top of the calf and rught at the connecting part above the knee.

working all day at a job that requires constant standing (or walking! bonus!) with a bum knee is really tiring. I kept finding myself with all my weight on my left leg, which rapidly wore out.

I'm trying not to do that and not to limp too much. Swinging my hips a little seems to help. I don't know anything about this type of injury. I ced it for 20 minutes before I left the game. It seems pretty minor, but advice would still be appreciated if anyone has any.
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