Anne (netmouse) wrote,

2010 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund Race (Brian and I are running)

Press Release: 2010 TAFF Race: Nominations Open
The 2010 TAFF race (eastward: North America to Europe) is now open for nominations. The winning delegate will attend the 2010 Eastercon, Odyssey, in London over the Easter weekend, 2-5 April, 2010. (Odyssey's website is

To stand as a candidate, you must provide:

  • Five nominations from known fans, three of whom must be resident in North America and two resident in Europe. All of these should send a signed nomination via postal mail -- or, if sending the nomination by e-mail, include a phone number for verification
  • A written platform, not exceeding 101 words
  • A $20 bond (US or Canadian dollars)
  • A pledge you will take the trip if you win

    All nominations, platforms, pledges and / or bonds must arrive with either the North American or European administrator (see below) by midnight GMT on Sunday, 4 October, 2009.

  • Brian and I are planning to run. Please let me know if you're up for sending a nomination in for us. I haven't written our platform yet but we do pledge to go if we win.

    Regardless, do please support the funds; they are very cool.

    One of the various sets of messages I got to pass back and forth before this year's worldcon was an inquiry as to whether or not Neil Gaiman would donate a tuckerization (someone's name showing up in a story of his) for the fan fund auction, benefiting all three fan funds (TAFF, DUFF and CUFF). He did, and it went for $700. Helping make that sort of nifty thing go through was one of the most delightful things about my responsibilities last month.

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