Anne (netmouse) wrote,

well, we didn't even get started on painting the bookshelf.

We slept in and also took a nap for much of the afternoon, but we did get some laundry done and we got the veggies from mom and dad's house and stuff. And I did proofread Emerald City, though I was still in the middle of that when Cheryl posted the documents and announced to her list that the zine was up. That was a bit frustrating. Hopefully I can establish a better record for finishing editing and she'll wait for me before posting. Anyway, she wanted to get it up before the Hugo voting deadline, since it's nominated for a Hugo, but none of my edits will get in place until she gets back from London.

And while picking some things up on the kitchen table, I found the card with the info for my favorite Art Fair artists' website:

A Little Company

(Michael Buonaiuto and Shelley Tincher-Buonaiuto)
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