Anne (netmouse) wrote,


Wellspring, definitions from teh internets:
    wellhead: the source of water for a well
    well: an abundant source; "she was a well of information"

New definition: A fanzine edited by Anne KG Murphy.

Open to submissions as of right now. Estimated publication date: November 25, 2009. Submission deadline: October 15. Art, articles, etc welcome. Reprints of online postings ok but author should provide context if necessary. Part of the point is in fact to introduce different generations of SF fen to one another.

I am not planning to publish fiction but fannish poetry is welcome. It's focusing on fan experiences in the science fiction & fantasy realm. Could be related to books, movies, songs, games, twitter conversations, lj debates, cons, other meetups with fen, publishing start-ups, clubs and societies, fundraisers, etc.

Could be experiences you want to share with others, that you want to recommend, or that you wish to criticise. Doing so in iambic pentameter is just fine, but so is plain prose, or illustration. Mixed media also accepted.

Subscription: $2 or The Usual (an article, artwork, Letter of Comment, or zine in trade. If you maintain an active fannish blog I may consider that a fair trade). Will also be posted online: subscribers may choose to receive 1) email notice of online location, 2) electronic document by email, or 3) printed document by mail. $3 international mail option.

Contact: Anne KG Murphy, 120 S Walnut St, Yellow Springs, OH 45387;

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