Anne (netmouse) wrote,

What I did at Worldcon

Glancing through my journal I realize I wasn't necessarily obvious about this in the weeks leading up to it. So: Last weekend was me helping Neil Gaiman at the World Science Fiction convention as his Guest of Honor liaison/ At-con assistant. I'm enjoying my two minutes of fame. If you go here you can scroll down for a picture of us by Kyle and some nice things Neil said about moi.

I knew word was going around when I walked into Neil's sushiklatsch with a group of teens Friday night and one of them said "You must be Anne." and I said, "Yes," only actually she said "you must be the ____ Anne," and I can't remember if the adjective was mysterious or famous or whatever, but anyway it made it clear that I, the Anne-person, was known. That was after Neil posted my name and picture, so I guess maybe they'd seen it.

Neil was standing without staggering when I dropped him at the airport, so I figure I did my job. :) It was a pleasure as always, and tons of people were a huge help both before and after, so I'm going to drop a very incomplete list here while noting everyone else who helped out was wonderful too.

Special thanks to: Laurie Mann for huge support in schedule planning and sanity checking both before and during; Elyse Marshall (Neil's Harpercollins publicist) for handling the CBS and New Yorker press that was embedded with Neil Friday through Sunday and also for being just generally great, useful and not-underfoot company and help; Tamu Townsend for being our local liaison -- running and getting things for us and taking Neil places when I needed a break, making sure the sushiklatsch happened and we had sushi Sunday before the Hugos and lunch and a ride to the airport Monday, and especially for bringing me a drink of water on Saturday night after Neil was Sent Off with Elyse and friends, and the tea and mugs and other unexpected caring touches; Jon Singer and Jo Walton for bonus restaurant guidance; Doselle Young (for foot rubbing and general support); John and Krissy Scalzi (for rocking my world); and to Sean on the Hugo staff and Alexi in ops for being awesome and to the other ops staff who made the fridge happen.

Running into steady solid smofs like John Allen, Jeff Beeler, Steven Silver, Seth Breidbart and Geri Sullivan from time to time was an anchor in the madness of running around making things happen and getting Neil places, and I was especially delighted that Kristina Gray sought me out, who'd been a fellow GoH Liaison at Balticon, who knew what my job was, and made it lighter with her company and understanding.

There were lots of other awesome people I enjoyed meeting and seeing during the six days of the con, but I won't even try to list them. These were the ones that helped keep me sane while I was trying to do the same for Neil.

Highlights of the con not related to Neil-handling included a visit with my friend Peer Dudda Wednesday evening, an awesome dinner with John and Krissy, Cory Doctorow and Steven Boyett Saturday, and getting repeatedly teared up watching my wonderful dear friend Cheryl Morgan onstage with her well-deserved Hugo Award for Best Fanwriter. There are pictures of us somewhere with that gorgeous and heavy Hugo, and I will post links when I find them out.

If you know anyone who took audio or video recordings of Neil's panels and especially of Neil and Cheryl's on-stage conversation about The Many Passions of Neil Gaiman, please let me and the Science Fiction Oral History Association know. Thanks!
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