Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So, am I crazy?

SO yesterday we were wandering along the Ramblas (a series of streets that run together and are all ramblas this or ramblas that and are a big shopping slash tourist area) and we came upon the lladró shop. lladró is a ceramics and porcelain maker centered in Valancia here in spain. They have a number of different artists and you can get some of their work in the states but here was a gallery of all kinds of different lovely things. There´s one in particular I´ve been looking at for me and I´m thinking about that, but the really crazy thing I´m thinking about is getting one for Joe and Aimee for their wedding. The one I really like is like $225 plus shipping (probably about $45 ... these pieces are just a little too fragile from me to consider carrying myself) and the thing is porcelain is so unlike Joe but at the same time I remember him picking flowers for me as though thinking flowers were special was something very unique and I know he can appreciate defferent things and I _think_ aimee would like it. But that´s a lot to spend on something I´m not sure they would like. So am I crazy to be even thinking about it?

It´s this figure of a slim brown-hair man, somewhat plain, with his bride in his arms - a slim brown-haired beauty with her arms around his neck.

Sarah thinks almost all the lladró stuff is soulless mass-produced stuff. There´s a lot of it I don´t like. But mom and dad once had this lamp with porcelan figurines and I think there´s just something special about them.

what do you think?

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